Friday, September 23, 2011

My legs boss - my legs

Well, I've seem to have been woken up by severe leg cramps. Yes, ouch!  I sprang up out of bed and hobbled around for a moment wishing the pain would soon stop.  Luckily my legs obliged but now the muscles are fluttering not fully contracting but this so annoying that I can't sleep.  Just like any of you that is up past their bedtime, against their will, I ask - NOW WHAT?  lol

It's about time...

Okay, so maybe when I began this blog I should have started writing in it then but better late then never, right?  (c :

So, I'm a writer and have been working on my first novel for quite sometime now.  I am almost there and very excited about finishing it.  I've wondered though if it never gets published will I continue to write?  And the answer is a resounding, YES!  I've come to realize that I do not put stories together for anyone else but myself.  To have the ability to place my imaginings to paper in literary prose is my way of being an artist.  Some use canvas, some use clay - I use paper and pen... err, fingers and a computer (See, the latter sounds better). 

If anyone is out there who wants to see a little bit of my life and how I write... Stay tuned!

To be continued...