Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Reverie

My body felt like dead weight. Each foot seemed to weigh a ton as they trudged up the creaky wooden steps. I mouthed I love you to my parents, grateful they did not notice the dark bags under my eyes. My nighttime ritual speed rapidly increased as I barely made it to bed before my weighty lids closed me into darkness.

Out of the murky depths of blackness, his piercing eyes appeared moving unhurriedly toward me. The sensual heat of his gaze scorched my skin. I was weightless, stranded within the surrounding darkness with no conceptual feeling of gravity. Wisps of fog tumbled around him shading his face from view but I knew who it was, William. His indigo eyes haunted my nights as his impenetrable stare bore into mine.

I knew his essence we were the same somehow, body and soul. I could not tear my eyes away from his as the proximity between us shortened. He was inches away, my heart pounded in my chest - my body yearned for his touch. The blackness was overwhelming, seemingly to have its own pulsating erotic energy. He disappeared within the swirling vapor that cascaded around me. The mist encircled my frame, coiling around me. It twisted through my fingers and caressed the back of my neck. The sensation was heavenly sensuous. I could sense him, his invisible energy touching me, gliding over my skin like water. No longer could I breathe as electricity instantly rushed throughout my being, dousing me with intense pleasure and pain.

With a start, I awoke, dripping with sweat my hands grasping for him within the shadows of my bedroom, only to fall limp as I remembered I was alone. A dream, I sighed - the same one that recurred for months. I sat up and raked my hands through my hair; the dream had been quite intense tonight. The sexual desire emanated from my pores. I slowed my breathing, closed my eyes and hoped he was in the darkness waiting for me again.

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