Wednesday, October 12, 2011


A low growl emitted from deep within his chest as he pulled me close to him and crushed his lips on mine.  Need rippled through me as I tore at his shirt furiously.  His hot sinewy body finally slithered against my own flesh.  My fingers slid throughout his shoulder length hair, pulling his head toward my jugular.  My stomach clenched in anticipation as his mouth settled over the spot that beat in time with my heart.

I could feel the hot wet heat surround me as I strained my hips toward his probing hand.  Ecstasy exploded throughout my body as the razor-sharpened teeth plunged deep into my vein.  My guttural moan sounded foreign, like the sound was from someone else entirely.

With increased yearning, I arched my back to get closer to the feel of his body against mine.  Torrents of pleasure seized through me, as if tiny electric sparks pulled on every nerve in my body.  His hands grabbed at my shoulders violently - my body lost in wondrous ecstasy as he drank more of my essence.

The seething heat from his body radiated through me as he released his teeth and began to kiss my sweaty face our dance of lust done for we both fell asleep soundly in eachothers arms.

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