Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Short story - Can you guess what it is?

   My dark unemotional eyes turned toward the quarry where the voices lilted up over the canyon walls.
   Could it be? I wondered hope lifting my spirits.
   I turned, now my body on the right path to see who disturbed my night. No one ever dared this far out beyond the city lights onto the deserted land that I called my home. Home, such a beautiful word when you haven’t been there in months. Traveling always did that I noticed. Longing pierced my heart as I stealthily came upon the lost travelers.

   Huddled together, there were three. Their forms shivered under the midnight moon high in the sky. I never paid much attention to the bitter cold nights, it didn’t bother me. A fragrant tinge tickled my senses, blood. One of the travelers was injured and broken. Overjoyed I felt an odd sense of happiness at their distress. The injured would be my first meal.
   How many days could they last without the sustenance they needed to survive? I did not care, they were mine now, and all I had to do was wait.

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